‘Push Marketing’ is dying (has anyone told the patient?)

“In the 20th century, marketers shoved information
down your throat. Happily, the old model of ‘push marketing’
is dying (has anyone told the patient?)

We are all fed up with junk mail, unsolicited phone calls and
the torrent of advertising that washes around us every day.

The media has shattered into a thousand pieces.
Consumers and business decision makers are inundated
with marketing messages, all day long.

As opposed to pushing – marketers need to use
Customer Attraction Techniques (CAT) in order to
bring buyers to their door.

CAT fits very well with the internet and the way in which
opinion, knowledge and recommendations are now
shared between people.

You can’t bore people into buying your stuff. Instead,
you need to educate, inform and entertain. For example,
by sharing useful, helpful, up-to-date and relevant information
with members of your target market segments.
(Just like members of Ecademy do!)

I will be talking about CAT during a webcast at
10:00am on Thursday 16th July, hosted by BrightTALK
Click here to register.

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