Marketing Masterclass & Navigator Boardroom Meeting

February 15, 2010

Marketing Masterclass & Navigator Boardroom Meeting. March 10th 2010. If you want your website to generate more enquiries and sales, this event is for you. Wednesday 10th March 2010. Afternoon event.

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The Marketing Compass Wiki

September 8, 2009

The Marketing Compass is launching a Wiki, packed full of useful marketing articles, videos and audio recordings, so you can read, watch or listen when it’s convenient for you! Visit to join for free and recieve your free marketing toolkit.
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‘Push Marketing’ is dying (has anyone told the patient?)

June 17, 2009

“In the 20th century, marketers shoved information
down your throat. Happily, the old model of ‘push marketing’
is dying (has anyone told the patient?)

We are all fed up with junk mail, unsolicited phone calls and
the torrent of advertising that washes around us every day.

The media has shattered into a thousand pieces.
Consumers and business decision makers are inundated
with marketing messages, all day long.

As opposed to pushing – marketers need to use
Customer Attraction Techniques (CAT) in order to
bring buyers to their door.

CAT fits very well with the internet and the way in which
opinion, knowledge and recommendations are now
shared between people.

You can’t bore people into buying your stuff. Instead,
you need to educate, inform and entertain. For example,
by sharing useful, helpful, up-to-date and relevant information
with members of your target market segments.
(Just like members of Ecademy do!)

I will be talking about CAT during a webcast at
10:00am on Thursday 16th July, hosted by BrightTALK
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June 12, 2009

The Head of Social Media at Ford…

February 13, 2009

I was surprised to learn that Ford has a Head of Social Media.

His name is Scott Monty.

Here is his blog:

Here are some interesting trends that he posted on his blog. (Note the rise of online video). Scroll down this page and take a look at the right hand column. That’s quite a list of places in which Scott can be found, isn’t it?

Do you let people know where they can find you, online?

Who is Head of Social Media, in your organisation?
(If you work for yourself, I guess that’s you!)

I will be talking about Social Media at the Internet Marketing Workshop next week.

All the best

Nigel Temple
Tel: 01628 773128

Founder of The Marketing Compass, the marketing mastermind group for small business owners. Join as a Circle member – no charge!

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Have you discovered Twitter?

January 24, 2009

Have you registered for Twitter yet, I wonder?

If not, I suggest that you do.

Some 4.3 million people are on Twitter now.

What’s all the fuss about?

If you join, you will find out!

Here is my Twitter profile.

You are welcome to follow me. I ‘Tweet’ about small business marketing,
customer attraction, low cost marketing, internet marketing and social media.

All the best


Are you using blogging to interact with your customers?

April 30, 2008

Blogs are a great way of demonstrating your specialist knowledge and attracting customers. They are also an ideal tool for conducting market research.

By responding to the comments your posts generate, you can benefit from direct interaction with your potential customers.

By engaging with your readers, you can talk to people in near real-time and be sure that their feedback is up-to-date. This in turn can help you to develop products and services faster and to react quickly to changing needs.

Is blogging helping you to understand your target market? By all means respond to this blog!

My advice is to blog regularly – at least once a week.

Don’t forget to include at least one link back to your website.

All the best with your marketing.


Hello world!

September 28, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

I am living with an 800 pound gorilla. Help!

August 5, 2007

Just in case you were worried about me – here is why I am keeping a low profile in the blogosphere. I am living with an 800 pound gorilla. And no, this is not a music hall joke.

The gorilla is a metaphor for a project I am working on: to write a series of three marketing books. At the same time, I am running a business and running around after my wife and four children.

The first book, ‘How to get clients to come to you’ is done and dusted. Yippee! If you care to visit any of the European Amazon websites (i.e. and tap in my name – the book is already listed. (My excitement is uncontainable, I tell you).

I am currently writing the second book, on internet marketing, in conjuction with Darin Brockman. The third book in the series will describe how to write compelling marketing words.

I wonder whether you should go out and get yourself an 800 pound gorilla? In other words, a really BIG project, which you don’t have time for?

Something that will raise your game, enhance your brand and even, gasp, generate a new revenue stream for you in the future?

I wish you all the best with your internet marketing!

Love and business

June 21, 2007

In 1963, Bob Dylan sang: For the times they are a-changin.’ Since he sang these words, the times have changed faster and faster.

In 1970, Alvin Toffler published Future Shock, which he encapsulated as: “Too much change in too short a period of time.”

The 21st Century is witnessing change at an awe inspiring rate. If you happen to be a business owner / marketer, change is engulfing you like a blizzard.

When it comes to marketing products or services, the old paradigm of ‘push marketing’ (i.e. mass advertising) is losing its power.

Perhaps the most significant change is in the realisation that we can attract customers, money and resources to ourselves and our enterprises – if we change our way of thinking.

We must put the customer first. We must seek to educate ourselves and then to educate them. We must put their interests before our own. There is one word which sums up this approach. And the word is…


How does this list sound to you: love, spirituality, selflessness, customers, integrity, business?

Many businesses use these words everyday in their thinking. They are doing extremely well. On the other hand, many enterprises are stuck in a 20th ‘push’ or ‘battle’ approach.

They will find it harder and harder to attract staff, customers and money.

I wish you all the best in everything you do,